STAGEPAS Controller

Yamaha STAGEPAS Controller

STAGEPAS Controller is a software application that allows you to remotely controls STAGEPAS 200 parameters using your Android™ or iOS device. With STAGEPAS Controller, you can control the STAGEPAS 200 mixing parameters directly from the stage or from the audience. Because you can make adjustments while listening to the actual mix, it is easy to balance levels and improve sound quality, while setup time is shortened by eliminating back-and-forth trips to the equipment, leaving more time for rehearsing or relaxing before the show. The scene recall feature allows you to save your settings and easily call them up for your next performance.

Nazwa Polski Angielski
BTR-STP200 Owner's Manual [5.8MB]
CASE-STP200 Owner's Manual [2.3MB]
STAGEPAS 200BTR/STAGEPAS 200 Owner's manual [1.7MB]

STAGEPAS 200 Brochure

Nazwa Polski Angielski
Declaration of Conformity (STAGEPAS200) [255KB]
UK Declaration of Conformity (STAGEPAS200) [125KB]
CAD Data (STAGEPAS 200) [203KB]
Data Sheet (STAGEPAS 200) [456KB]