EMX2 Miksery Foniczne z Wbudowaną Końcówką Mocy

Easy Does It

Because the EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier, you only need speakers and mics to have a fully functioning sound system. This makes it easy for newcomers, and even first-time users with no previous audio experience to easily configure their own sound reinforcement system. The EMX2's all-in-one design concept ensures that by just plugging in a single power cable and making a few simple, intuitive connections, anyone can be their own sound engineer.


Community Center/ Small Hall/ Office Space

Small Chapel, or House of Worship

For DJ's at Parties or Small Outdoor Events

Band Performance With Vocal ,Keyboard, Guitar, and Bass

EMX2 Miksery Foniczne z Wbudowaną Końcówką Mocy

The EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier. Lightweight and portable design make it very easy to carry and particularly useful for various events.

  • 2x 250W [4Ω], 2x 170W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 10%)
  • 2x 110W [4Ω], 2x 110W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 1%)
  • 10 wejścia liniowe (4 mono oraz 3 stereo)
  • High-Z input (channel 4) to connect guitars or basses directly
  • Opcjonalny przełącznik nożny do sterowania pogłosem
  • SPX Digital Reverb (4 Programs:HALL, PLATE, ROOM, ECHO)
  • Dimenssion: 375(W) x 147(H) x 220(D) mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

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