Powerful Evolution

The YBL-835 has evolved to deliver the power and performance that modern music demands. It has an open playing feel and produces rich, authoritative tone that responds ideally to player control.

Furthermore, This instrument is also the first Yamaha custom bass trombone to feature a detachable hand rest for significantly improved operation.

The YBL-835 has been refined to deliver world-class tone and playability in performance situations ranging from solo to orchestral.


Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Clear lacquer


Bell: Gold brass, Finish: Clear lacquer


Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Silver-plated


Bell Material: Yellow brass, Finish: Clear lacquer, Bell type: Detachable


Bell Material: Gold brass, Finish: Clear lacquer, Bell type: Detachable

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.