YMS100 Mallet Stand

Noiseless Design

The top surface of the table is covered with a wave-cut urethane pad that minimizes noise when mallets are placed on the table. The edge of the table that faces the performer is also cushioned to prevent noise when mallet shafts touch the table edge.

Mallets Stay where Placed

The wave-cut urethane on the table top prevents mallets from rolling around.

Memory Clamp Mechanism

A memory clamp retains the user’s desired table height for fast, consistent setup.

Easy Setup

A bracket on the underside of the table keeps the table and stand perpendicular for maximum stability. Setup is easy: just place the table on the stand and tighten the wing nut.

Wide Height Adjustment Range

A wide height adjustment range provides a maximum table height that is higher than the top of our concert marimbas for convenient mallet placement.