Cafe, Bar, Restaurant

An Easy Approach to Enjoyable BGM

Here’s an ideal solution for a small café or restaurant that we recommend for customers in this type of situation.

In order to create a comfortable, agreeable environment of this sort, attention should be paid to both sonic and visual quality. Compact speakers like the VXS3F can be mounted on walls or ceiling, adding a touch of class to any décor with their uniquely refined form. They have also been specially tuned to deliver full musical nuance and impact even at low volume and thereby eliciting the greatest atmospheric contribution from the music used.

The MA2030 is a stylish mixer amplifier that can be easily used without any prior audio experience. All you need to get started is the MA2030, VXS3F speakers, and a music source of your choosing. You can add a microphone for announcements and small events if necessary, easily broadening the scope of your business. Refer to Example 1.

You can increase the number of speakers the system is capable of driving by adding a PA2030 power amplifier to cover a larger or more complex area. In a larger speaker system of this sort it becomes possible to add VXS3FT models and in-ceiling VXC3F models as appropriate to location and décor. Refer to Example 2.

Here’s an ideal solution for a small café or restaurant that we recommend for customers in this type of situation.

Choose the Model that Meets Your Needs

The VXS3F and VXS3FT are designed to deliver the same outstanding performance in different installed settings*. The VXS3F is ideal for smaller installations such as retail stores where just a few speakers will be used to cover the service area. Wide dispersion allows effective coverage with a minimum number of speakers. The VXS3FT is preferred when a large number of speakers will be required to cover an expansive or complex area. Connection taps allow volume (output watts) to be adjusted after installation for added flexibility. * The VXS3F and VXS3FT feature the same enclosure, but are supplied with different mounting brackets.

Supports Lo-Z and Hi-Z Speaker Systems

The MA/PA Series directly supports low impedance and high impedance speaker systems without the need for additional transformers or other hardware that can take up valuable installation space and increase costs. When used to drive a 3Ω or higher low-impedance speaker system (3Ω/4Ω/8Ω selectable) the MA2030a and PA2030a amplifiers deliver up to 30W per channel into two channels. With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection output is a single channel at up to 60W. Likewise, when driving a low-impedance system of 4Ω, the MA2120 and PA2120 amplifiers deliver up to 120W to each of two output channels. When driven at 3Ω/8Ω mode, these amplifiers can deliver up to 100W per channel. With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection, a single channel can output up to 200W, which is ideal for powering mid-size installations. In addition, since the MA/PA Series can be used with all Yamaha commercial installation speakers*, you have the choice and flexibility to design a sound system that meets your specific requirements. As indicated, for example, a single unit of MA2120 or PA2120 can support full-range speaker systems at high-impedance mode, as well as a subwoofer at low-impedance mode. With MA2030a or PA2030a which has one output channel, the similar system can be composed by combining two units of amps. * Includes the VXS series, VXC series, VS series, S series, NS-AW series and NS-IC series. The S series, NS-AW series and NS-IC series are not available in some regions.

Yamaha DSP Features for Enhanced Music and Microphone Operation

Advanced DSP features for background music and paging are efficiently packed into the remarkably compact MA and PA amplifier enclosures. There’s a Feedback Suppressor that can eliminate annoying feedback when using a microphone, a Priority Ducker that smoothly adjusts levels when input is detected at an announcement microphone, a Leveler that maintains constant overall level regardless of changes in input levels and more. The MA2120 additionally features reverb, echo and compressor processing that can be used to enhance the sound and quality of microphone input in a variety of applications.

MA/PA Series

Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D amplifiers that provide a smart simple audio solutions for any small to mid-sized applications.

VXS Series "F model"

VXS-F compact surface-mount speakers feature attractive, discreet design and premium sound tuning for refined background music in elegant spaces.

VXC Series "F model"

VXC-F ceiling speakers allow you to streamline the installation process and seamlessly integrate high-quality audio into a restaurant, retail, or professional environment.