Informacje dotyczące bezpieczeństwa Wzmacniaczy Yamaha (1980-1982)

Yamaha Amplifiers (Years of construction 1980-1982) for European models, using 220-240VAC line voltages (This information does not apply to 120VAC models)

Models A-760, A-760II, A-960, A-960II, A-1060, M-50, M-70 and B-6

Yamaha products have a reputation for maximum reliability and durability.
Analysis of servicing data and our quality assurance system have revealed a potential safety risk which necessitates switch-off of all relevant models currently in operation. The models affected are A-760, A-760II, A-960, A-960II, A-1060, M-50, M-70 and B-6.
These amplifiers are now between 25 and 27 years old.

Model name is printed on the Front panel.

The models listed above contain a component in the power supply assembly, which can in very rare cases suffer damage. This can be followed by significant emission of smoke and can in some cases even cause fire within the amplifier.
As a risk precaution, you should disconnect the amplifier from the power supply by removing the plug..

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before reconnecting the amplifier and using it again.