Model sygnowany nazwiskiem Billy`ego Sheehan`a

Billy Sheehan is no stranger to the spotlight. From his days with Talas to headlining arenas with David Lee Roth and his band Mr. Big he has thrilled audiences the world over with his bold performances and highly evolved techniques. Constantly pushing his skills to new limits, he has changed the way the bass guitar is played and taking rock bass playing to new heights. Billy’s relationship with Yamaha is long. His close collaborations with Yamaha Guitar Development has produce a number of signature models, the latest being the new BB714BS. The BB714BS represents a trip back to Billy’s roots with Yamaha, revisiting his fi rst Yamaha signature, which was a BB series bass.


Colors / Finishes

Model BB714BS, zaprojektowany przy współpracy Billy`ego Sheehan`a oraz Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood, czerpie wszelkie najlepsze cechy z sygnowanego modelu Billy`ego – the Attitude – i skupia je w nowej gitarze basowej, idealnej do każdego stylu gry oraz wszelkiego gatunku muzycznego. 

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.