Annie Wagstaff

“Keep an eye out some HANNIE releases soon!”

I grew up in Surrey in England and (despite my family not being so musical) got guitar and drum lessons when I was about 7 years old. I was really into bands like Maroon 5 and later grew to really love jazz music. There's not one specific guitarist that I was inspired by, it was more that I was amazed by so many artists like George Benson, Joe Pass, John Scofield and more recently Julian Lage. I then went to study at music school and moved to London straight after to start sessioning for artists. I now am primarily focusing on my own project - HANNIE, which is a duo with Hannah Koppenburg (Hannahplayskeys).

Instrument’s played:

Guitar, Bass, Drums

Personal Advice:

“Definitely learn an instrument or two if you haven't already. Try to become as rounded a musician as possible. It depends what area of music you want to get into - but I can only recommend doing sessions 1.) Practice like crazy until you're really damn good 2.) Network and get to know as many people in the scene as possible. As an artist I would say collaborate with as many other artists as possible. I don't know much about the music industry as a whole but a lot of my friends have worked in the area and every single one of them has done an internship to get their job - so, look for internships.”