Yamaha Launches Special Website “Thinking About Hearing Health” on World Hearing Day

Yamaha Corporation (below, "Yamaha") is excited to launch a new “Thinking about Hearing Health” website on March 3rd with World Hearing Day, as designated by the World Health Organization.

With recent news of the increased risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe listening practices, Yamaha has decided to embark on a campaign to inform people on the importance of ‘Safe Listening’, launching with this special website for multiple regions including Japan, North America, Europe and China. Through this website, Yamaha will continue to provide information about safe listening to inspire many users to think about a superior music experience and the long-term health of their hearing.

According to a report*1 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019, roughly half of people aged 12-35 are at risk of hearing loss, and this number is expected to increase. The report also warns that listening to loud music using headphones for extended periods of time and being exposed to loud sounds from events such as live music causes increased risk of hearing loss.

Due to this important social issue, Yamaha has made Safe Listening*2 central to their new headphone development process to promote safe music listening with headphones. Since Yamaha re-entered the wireless headphones market in November 2019, all of Yamaha's wireless headphones and earbuds (including TW and YH series) are equipped with Yamaha's unique 'Listening Care' technology that makes intelligent equalization at any volume to support a safe music listening and without losing original musical balance.

*1 “New WHO-ITU standard aims to prevent hearing loss among 1.1 billion young people” (Feb. 2019)

*2 Safe Listening Website:

By launching Yamaha’s New True Wireless Earbuds TW-E5B on World Hearing Day, along with the new website “Thinking About Hearing Health”, Yamaha aims to spread values of music listening enjoyment, while informing people on the importance of their long-term hearing health through the impact of everyday sound https://www.yamaha.com/audio_visual/ 2 levels. Throughout its history, Yamaha has aspired to enrich the hearts and lives of people with sound and music. Yamaha sees it their social responsibility to help all those associated with music in any way to be informed of safe listening habits throughout their life. Yamaha hopes that it will inspire many users to think about a superior music listening experience with “TRUE SOUND” and the long-term health of their hearing. A fundamental promise of “TRUE SOUND” is not just delivering this today, but a lifetime of “TRUE SOUND” experience from Yamaha.

“As a world leading brand of sound and music, Yamaha has a connection with a wide range of customers, from music creators to music listeners. It can be one of our social responsibilities to ensure our customers can enjoy music for many years to come.” Yoshiyuki Tsugawa, Senior General Manager of Yamaha Home Audio Division said. “We hope that releasing the website “Thinking About Hearing Health” becomes good opportunity for many customers to think about “TRUE SOUND” listening experience and their long-term hearing health. “explained Tsugawa.