Sound matters in an intuitive video conferencing experience with Yamaha UC and ClickShare Conference

In the new reality of hybrid working and meeting, the way you connect with colleagues, customers and suppliers is crucial. Meetings where in-office and remote users are brought together should be easy and of impeccable audio and video quality. Especially if you want to improve productivity, get higher employee engagement and have better business outcomes.

Entering today’s digital workplace, means investing in flexible, scalable wireless conferencing ecosystems, combining the best in collaboration and the best in sound quality. Enabling your meeting rooms to bring your teams together, anywhere in the world, that is exactly why ClickShare Conference teams up with Yamaha UC to offer customers this kind of plug&play solutions.

“With the higher demand for more hybrid meeting in today’s enterprises, users should be able to have easy access to the video conferencing tools that they are familiar with, on their own devices. Our easy-to-use, agnostic wireless conferencing solution was tested and confirmed to work seamlessly together with the best-in-class audio solution from Yamaha UC,” said David Fitzgerald, vice president, Global Alliances at Barco. “Together we create an engaging hybrid meeting experience for in-room and remote participants, that is just as natural as any face-to-face meeting.”

ClickShare Conference is designed to work easily with Yamaha UC’s audio devices and the room’s display camera set-up, without the hassle of physically connecting devices using cables and adapters. Users enjoy Yamaha UC’s innovative sound technologies that delivers full, clear audio for smooth and stress-free conversation. Everyone – in the room and remote – is seen and heard. The flexible, agnostic combinations work with any videoconferencing platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and many more) and any room display. Together we make remote meetings better, intuitive and wireless.

With a wide range of products and features, ClickShare Conference and Yamaha UC conference phones offer device configurations that perfectly match your room, group size, and collaboration needs. Enterprises can turn any room into a collaborative workspace fit for hybrid meetings.

The new “Bring-Your-Own-Meeting” room solutions combining Yamaha UC conference phones and ClickShare Conference offer an easy wireless conferencing experience with exceptional audio quality in meeting rooms. Yamaha’s YVC-200 Portable USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone, YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone, YVC-1000 Mic and Speaker System, are now tested and certified to work seamlessly together and make remote and hybrid collaboration simple and more natural than ever before. More product compatibility is being expected later this year.

"Our partnership with Barco shows customers that our products have been tested and confirmed to work seamlessly together. Two trusted manufacturers provide high-quality, easy-to-use, software agnostic collaboration solutions for today’s and future communication spaces," says Marcus-Michael Müller, Head of Sales and Marketing UC Europe at Yamaha.

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