Andrea Lucchi and Yamaha: Delivering outstanding performances

As Principal Solo Trumpet of the Orchestra Nazionale dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Andrea Lucchi has an extremely demanding role in the orchestra. As a result, the instrument that he plays must reflect this pressure and help him to consistently deliver outstanding performances in the orchestra. Commenting on this, Andrea states ‘at this point in my career, I am, more than ever, looking for an instrument that satisfies my increasingly complex idea of sound and that best supports me in my weak points. When I discovered the Yamaha Chicago C trumpet it opened up a new world for me. Its full bodied and bright sound throughout the register makes it easy to play and extremely precise. Getting expert advice from Yamaha helped him to find the right instrument for his needs. Yamaha’s unique facilities with its Atelier in Hamburg and Artist Services in Milan, helped to support him on his journey and to find the instruments. This helped to ensure that Andrea found an instrument that gave him the right sound to connect with the music and the audience.

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