Edukacja wczesnodziecięca

Wszystkie dzieci rodzą się z wrodzonym potencjałem muzycznym. Poprzez wprowadzenie w świat muzyki w tak młodym wieku, zaszczepiamy zdrowe zasady uczenia się, a także tworzona jest solidna baza do dalszego rozwoju muzycznego.

During the first three months of life children aquire a number of important skills. They can distinguish various noise levels and differentiate between certain tonal qualities and are usually starting to make their own first baby sounds.

The Robby program is specifically designed to take on board everyday experiences and incorporate them into group singing, playing, listening and discovery based activities. Subjects covered include bathing, going to sleep, changing nappies, taking meals, etc.

The Kraki course was developed for children between the ages of 17 months and 4 years. The children take an active approach to music through singing new songs, practising rhythms, engaging in activity games, learning stories, using their fingers etc. etc. The aim of the program is to awaken their interest in active music-making and to encourage them to share this with others.